GIS & database oriented market analysis and target marketing

Profit Point Target Marketing is a market consulting firm specializing in database marketing using GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Since 1995, its sales have grown by nearly 500% per year.


  • Banks
  • Shopping center developers
  • Wellness center developer
  • Municipal and regional economic development organizations
  • HMO
  • Minor League Baseball team
  • Clients tend to be mid-sized companies with aggressive growth goals.

  • Analysis of current customer base, secondary market data and primary purchaser surveys to develop predictive gravity models for a business.
  • Analysis of potential locations to forecast the sales potential of a particular site or a network of sites.
  • Large geographic micro-market analysis to determine locations that are likely to yield above-threshold sales and to rank these locations by sales potential.
  • Analyzing existing sales of existing units to determine where sales are above or below expectation so marketing can be adjusted to maximize market share. Customer satisfaction surveys are also available.
  • Target marketing services -  highly customized and geographically refined (down to neighborhood levels as opposed to an entire zip code) target marketing programs (direct mail or telemarketing) - design, production, and bulk mailing.
  • Mailing lists and mailing list processing.
  • GIS services - installation, programming, production and special projects.

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